Kat, Ned & Scout - Brisbane / by Marek Charytonowicz

Brisbane welcomed us with cloudy skies and it was a bit of a shock to be back in a city. We knew that the reality of travelling is to say goodbye to one place just to welcome another adventure but some goodbyes are more difficult than others. 

The good thing was we were about to see our friends Ned and Kat again, play with their little Rhodesian - Scout and see Brisbane for a couple of days. It was very nice - spending time with them, chatting and cooking together. We felt very welcomed and it was great to see them again.

Brisbane itself turned out to be a bit moody with us - out of the two days we had there, the first we spent in a cafe on Southbank, surrounded by pouring down rain and not really feeling like trying to walk around and see anything. Instead, we spent a few hours planning our New Zealand leg of the trip and then relaxed at home playing with Scout who's infinite amount of energy and love was constant fun for us. 

We both love dogs and it turned out we both love Rhodesian Ridgebacks - especially when they're 4 months old and you have all the time in the world to play with them. One day she will be much bigger and stronger but for now it was all about running around, wrestling and barking.

The second day Brisbane was much more accommodating and the dun finally showed its face. We spent it walking around Southbank up to the Kangaroo Point. We crossed the massive Story Bridge on foot and explored Fortitude Valley and area around Central Station. Brisbane was finally nice - a slow paced city with large river going across it and beautiful green areas. We liked it but we were longing for outdoors again - as it turned out we got used to countryside life a bit.

That night we cooked a thank you dinner for Ned and Kat and said our goodbyes. They've been great hosts and made us feel really at home. Thank you! Till the next time!