Goodbye Byron Bay / by Marek Charytonowicz

We knew we were going to miss Byron before time came to say goodbye. It is a great place to stay for longer and no surprise it attracts so many people. It seem to offer a little bit of everything - great lazy beach time, surfing spots for beginners and pros alike, treks and walks around town, a few galleries, good restaurants and great cafes and some great musicians that busk on the streets.

We took it all in over those two weeks. We relaxed on the beach, jumped waves and just sun bathed on the sand. We did long walks to see the lighthouse with its spectacular views over the bay and discovered Beach Cafe with amazing mango smoothies on the way there.

We had a blast learning to surf with Gaz and Rhys - not only because we got to love the feeling of surfing a wave - but also because of the great easygoing and laid back attitude of those two dudes. Each time it was hard work paddling, frustration of trying to catch a wave and finally the ecstasy of riding one with nothing but a wobbly board under your feet. And although the whole experience was delayed three days due to weather conditions, it was worth the wait and we'll never forget it.

Byron for us was also hanging around town, visiting various local shops, trying food and coffee in some great spots around town and catching performances of local musicians - like Garrett Kato, a Canadian songwriter whom we discovered accidentally passing by his busking performance. He was very very good - and you can judge it yourself here on Spotify. He was also a nice chap and we chatted about common musical tastes and suggested visiting London for some performances. Who knows, maybe one day we'll listen to him on our side of the world.

We did yoga and tried delightful wood oven pizza at the Tree House and indulge in tons of ice creams at the Beaches & Cream. And we spent hours watching surfers braving the waves of the swell. It was epic.

So we packed our bags and boarded the Greyhound with heavy hearts wishing that we could stay longer. We didn't really know how much longer, a few days, a few weeks... just longer.