Port Campbell to St Kilda / by Marek Charytonowicz

Today we set off quite early as we knew the weather was going to be sunny and warm - so our aim was to relax on the beach for half a day and enjoy the first bit of sunshine in the last several days.

We stopped at Warrnambool and used our SPF 50+ sun tent for the first time! Yay! It worked a treat. The ocean was a bit choppy and we were tumbled by the waves several times but what fun we had just being in refreshingly cool water :)

After lunchtime we decided to pack our beach gear and make our way to Melbourne - St Kilda - a journey that should take about 3 hours. Marek was navigating and I was driving. It was scorching hot outside but we were in the haven of an air conditioned car.

Driving along I suddenly realised we are actually on a B road - a 'land road' with a few potholes here and there - but not a biggy for our tough little Corolla car. 

Mmmm I thought - we were chatting in the car and Marek was still navigating - we are the only car on this road and there's no house nearby for about half hour or so.. Where are we? When I checked te map I realised that we are actually driving to Melbourne cross country on a C road - a thin line of asphalt with more potholes and gravel either side. Too late to turn around and change our route we decided to continue our journey on this road.

It was flat land with fields all around and hardly any trees - and we noticed a storm forming ahead of us. The sky got dark grey and then there was thunder and lighting and rain.. And when I say rain I don't mean London rain I mean chucking it down in buckets of water increasing by the minute, to the point where the 'windscreen wipes on max where no use anymore as there was no visibility for me to see anything in front of me. 

I was actually scared that a lightning is going to hit the car as at that point we were the highest sticking object from the wet ground for miles. And yes this one lane road with potholes was actually a dual carriage road so every couple of minutes we had a crazy Australian truck driver splashing a wave of water over the car and also going 100km/h!!! After an hour in the storm and thinking that we are now past that of course another storm starts brewing in the direction we were heading.

I thought: I've had enough of this rain! 

After an hour we finally reached the motorway - I can't stress the word 'finally' more. We reached St Kilda still in rain but so happy to be out of storms way and in a safe and dry haven.

That night we slept well dreaming of warm sunny days in Melbourne and this wish did come true ;)