Great Ocean Road III - Apollo Bay to Port Campbell / by Marek Charytonowicz

This leg of the journey was pretty relaxed as we knew that it would be OK to reach Port Campbell before sunset - the best time to see the nearby Twelve Apostles, the famous group of limestone stacks just off the shore of Port Campbell National Park.

The Twelve Apostles used to be part of the cliff shoreline but constant erosion by water and wind separated them - and unfortunately makes them disappear one by one.

We counted only 8 now, with the sad looking 9th Apostle remains still visible among the waves! Although we didn't get a sunset that day cause the clouds were drawing in once again, the mystic views over the sand cliffs were still magnificent till dusk. 

We drove along Great Ocean Road once again towards Port Campbell where our motel was situated for the night. It felt like we're the only people on this road high above the ocean on the flat top of the cliff shoreline.

That night we missed dinner as Port Campbell restaurants close at 9pm!!!!! Literally locked doors. We weren't impressed by this town at all.

I was grumpy and went to bed dreaming of breakfast the next day :(