Great Ocean Road II - the girl and the mountain / by Marek Charytonowicz

We started another day with a great brekkie in town, pancakes banana bread, coffee, mmmmmmmm. Our energy was running high after that! So high that once I looked on the map after breakfast and discovered there was a Mt Sabine about half hours drive inland I said, let's walk it ;)

I mean, how often do you realise there's a mountain named after you nearby? Not often I bet. So the moment Sabs noticed a small print on the map saying 'Mt Sabine' we knew we need to visit it.

The mountain itself is not very big and covered in dense rain forest. The road leading to it is narrow and winding with tall trees on one side and views over green fields on the other. At some point you almost squeeze between two walls of trees and giant ferns. Pretty much a jungle!

The top turned out to be a flat area cleared of vegetation with a view over low hanging clouds and forest. It's probably the first time since our arrival to this part of the world when some long sleeve jackets came handy. We left a car and decided to trek to a nearby waterfall - called of course Sabine's Falls. The indicated distance of '3-6 km' turned out to be more on the 6 km side. After an hour of trekking a narrow jungle path, with dense ferns, palms and bushes all around, we decided to go back and hit the beach instead.  

Little did we know what a surprise is awaiting us on the top. As we were slowly making our way up the path, we heard a loud thump and a koala bear literally popped out of an empty tree trunk ahead of us. 

He rolled on the ground, sat down, looked cautiously around and started trotting towards the car park ahead of us. We followed as quietly as we could but the bear didn't seem to be bothered by us at all. When we got closer to the car park, he stopped and posed for us for a moment then climbed the nearest tree a couple of meters off the ground for the classic 'koala on a tree' shot. We stood there for good ten minutes looking at the koala bear that came to greet Sabine on Mt Sabine.

And just to finish this little trek in a special way - we got invited for a cup of tea by a couple parking next to us. She turned out to be a Tasmanian girl named Chelsea, her husband Jarek was from Wroclaw, Poland (what are the odds to meet someone from my city on the other side of the world in the forest?) and their little 4 years old daughter was called Pola.

The world can be a small place after all:)