Dandenong to Geelong - almost the Great Ocean Road / by Marek Charytonowicz

Today the weather got slightly better - read: the rain temporarily stopped, so we went down the Mornington Peninsula to explore the area.

Mornington Peninsula is a beautiful stretch of land south of Melbourne, covered by wineries and farms. It's green and lush and offers an opportunity to taste wine, have a coffee or visit a farm quite literally around every corner. It's a kind of place one would like to live in with large wooden houses surrounded by forests and narrow winding roads with randomly put together mail boxes from time to time marking entrances.

Our destination was Strawberry Farm where you can pick you own strawberries and - of course - indulge in everything that comes from this little red fruit. It was Saturday so the fields were quite crowded but nonetheless picking two boxes of massive ripe strawberries was great fun, especially when we got into a conversation with a little girl picking fruit nearby. She seemed very knowledgeable and even more talkative and we exchanged valuable opinions about various picking techniques and box capacity versus strawberry size issue.

We left completely strawberried out and hit the road to Sorrento (yes, Italy is here too, one always feels like in Europe). That's where we were supposed to catch a ferry to the other side of the bay to continue to Geelong. Sorrento offered amazing ice cream and rain, first of which was massive - the ice cream seems to be getting bigger and bigger every time we try which stays in direct relation to Sabs smile. Soon the smile is going to detach and have life on its own as her pretty face will be too small for it.

The other side of the bay offered a bit of sun finally. We walked a bit around the small town of Queens Cliff, attended accidentally a Board Riders meeting where best local surfers were given trophies for their achievements and then hit the road to Geelong to EconoLodge Hacienda Motel - that despite its strange name was a very nice place to stay. The owners were extremely friendly and helpful and not only gave us some tips on where to go in the evening (The Sails Festival on the beach) but also the next morning pointed us exactly to where we can find roos and koala bears on our way on the Great Ocean Road. For the ones interested in finding the bears, it's...