Sydney to Nowra / by Marek Charytonowicz

And off we went. After a long goodbye a cab took us to our rental car - a white Toyota Corolla awaiting us at the Pullman Hotel. Few signatures later we were on our way outside Sydney...

The day was hot and if it wasn't for air conditioning, we'd been in trouble. We hit the beach at Stanwell Park - an amazing stretch of golden sand with some great waves. 

It was also the first time we got close and personal with Australia's famous jellyfish- this time the Blue Bottle or Man o'War at the Baird Park beach.  It's hard to believe that this small pretty looking air bubble is responsible for thousands of very painful stings that last for hours. The Blue Bottle isn't actually a jellyfish even - it's floating colony of four animals working together as one organism. And since they float - at the mercy of the winds quite often they end up on beaches.

The Great Pacific Road was hmmmmm... great;). Beautiful jungle like forests and breathtaking coastline. We crossed the famous Sea Cliff Bridge and saw the blowhole shooting seawater up in the sky in Kiama. And we expect the Great Ocean Road to be even greater.

The evening took us to Nowra,a small town that - as it turns out - shuts down at around 7:30 pm apart from two supermarkets It's not Sydney anymore. We did manage to find a Thai restaurant that actually served one of the best curry and laksa we've ever had. And I mean ever. So.... not too bad of a first day after all!

On the way to the motel as we stopped on the traffic lights we jumped into a scene from a movie - a barefoot man appeared out of nowhere, staring firmly ahead and slowly crossed the street in front of us. Deserted city, evening traffic lights  and a zombie like figure.