Eden to Bairnsdale - riders on the storm / by Marek Charytonowicz

The weather was definitely against us today. The day started innocently with discovering a beautiful miles long stretch of a beach, with waves crushing on a golden sand and almost no one around.

We spent over an hour walking around, crossing a small fast flowing river and discovering a group of beach rocks with little pools of seawater around. Since the tide was low, they were teeming with sea life - algae and time fish - like tiny aquariums. One larger rock was almost covered with small pebble stacks that must have been arranged by visiting people - these always look intriguing and great balancing there despite winds and sea spray.

We didn't know that but this was supposed to be the end of nice weather for us that day. After grabbing a pie in a roadside cafe (funny enough selling massive dolls houses as well) we were ferociously attacked by heavy downpour that lasted all the way to Bairnsdale. Again the road took us through the dense jungle like forests, this time occasionally filled with fog and never ending rain.

When we finally arrived at Bairnsdale, we were tired and happy to find a very nice hotel with good restaurant and a receptionist that turned out to be German and from Munich. After swearing repeatedly that she's never going back, she gave us a lot of helpful tips about Melbourne and it's restaurants. 

And that would have been a nice end to a tiring day but we realised that it's holidays here plus a weekend so the chances to find good accommodation might be slim. We ended up spending long evening online and managed to find places to stay in Dandenong and Geelong. Unfortunately the cost for that was skipping Philip Island - a beautiful seaside area with a koala sanctuary that we really wanted to see. All was completely booked out and we were lucky to find anything in Dandenong- a rather industrial part of the suburbs of Melbourne. 

Let's hope the room will be nice at least as tomorrow is a driving day!