Batemans Bay to Eden / by Marek Charytonowicz

Sometimes trusting blindly the GPS will cost you dearly. In our case it costed us today a few hours of driving through never ending national parks and state forests instead of a beautiful coastline. 

Don't get me wrong, the forests are stunning - massive tall trees with a thin thread of the road getting lost between them. You feel you're surrounded by jungle all around. But still - miles and miles of them comparing to always changing coastline is very monotonous. And yes - it was my complete fault. Darn…

We did however got to visit some beautiful old gold mining towns - like Tilda, where tiny wooden houses line the narrow street and scones and tea places mix with Indian art shops. Why Indian? Who knows. They did however have a small gallery of aboriginal art run by a nice aboriginal lady who happened to be also a painter. We got a trademark Australian souvenir- a boomerang with an aboriginal depiction of a kangaroo on it. Check.

The weather didn't improve and since we spent day surrounded by forest, we visited Pambula beach, to sit down and watch kids learning how to surf with their parents. 

Eden was certainly not the place you dreamed of. The accommodation at the camping ground turned out to be a nice small bungalow with two bedroom and a kitchen. However, the city itself despite still dinner hour turned out to have nothing to offer. Well, apart from a Chinese restaurant, a dodgy looking fish and chips and a recommended by the receptionist Country Club at the golf club.

Thinking surely a gold club will offer some better standards we headed to theCountry Club only to find loads of kangaroos (awesome) and a sad looking restaurant serving food that was either Chinese or fried (very not awesome). Deep deep fried. One thing that clearly didn't work out being fried were boiled vegetables. Sad bunch of greenery but edible. A new standard of the road trip food.