Bairnsdale to Dandenong / by Marek Charytonowicz

As planned today was all about mileage. The road was going inland and simply taking us to the destination as we wanted to condense our itinerary to have time for the Great Ocean Road later on. Grey clouds, forests and fields with black cows and sheep, occasional 'watch for the kangaroos' sign and occasional unfortunate roo by the side of the road.

The only highlight was a coffee stop at Tralalong where we tried a mojito cake. It tastes as it sounds - great!

After about three hours we got to Dandenong and checked in at Punhill Hotel - a commercial apartment hotel catering mainly for businessman and conference attendees. It was however clean and spacious with a unforgettable sunset over rooftops of parking lots;)

We checked a 'local' beach facing again Australia's merciless early closing hour but we ended up finding a nice Yacht Club restaurant and walking along a local kitesurfing beach. Shallow and wide with perfect winds - one day we need to ask my brother to teach us some kite surfing! Looks like great fun!

Towards the end of the night we watched the Australian Open - we are getting closer and closer to the heart of it and are more and more interested in following the games. Also - watching Sabs unleash her tennis spirit is quite something ;)