Sydney - a VERY warm place in our hearts / by Marek Charytonowicz

After another turbulent flight, we finally arrived in Sydney at 5.40am with already 25°C outside. We passed numerous quarantine rooms at the border control with Sabine sneakily smuggling a Greek apple. And after a short ride with a cab driver who clearly didn’t know where he was going, we finally arrived at Thea, Chris and Jude’s house - a lovely suburban home with the famous Centennial Park stretching almost right in front of it.

We couldn’t ask for a more heart warming welcome to Sydney than from our good friends and their adorable little baby boy. Living with them for a week, we felt we became part of their family too. It was so relaxing and homely in Sydney that we quickly got to love this city and its beach vibe. Everyone was so friendly and easygoing and we easily could blend into this life of morning swims, smoothies, avos and flat whites (and mahüüüüsive steaks! - adds Marek). 

We didn’t want to do the regular tourist thing - it was all about catching the vibe of Sydney, it’s wide suburban streets with houses shaded by massive trees, golden beaches with turquoise ocean waves inviting you to jump in and not rushing anywhere. We spent only one day visiting the centre with the Sydney Harbour Bridge and trying to see the opera house (closed because of some security threat that day). 

We also had a date night at the Apollo - a Greek restaurant serving none of the typical moussaka and gyros but instead the most amazing saganaki and lamb shoulder, melting on the plate. Checking the Greek side of Sydney was a must and we were not disappointed.

And we finished that day accidentally finding Eau de Vie - an amazing mixologist bar serving great cocktails prepared with enormous showmanship right in front of use by Robby, a very nice German guy who came to Australia to learn the art of mixing unusual drinks and was clearly succeeding with the help of liquid nitrogen and some large propane torch. The drinks were legendary - one of them delivered to Sabs in an envelope addressed ‘to the lady from London’:)

But most of our time was spent with Thea, Jude and Chris - taking part in their Aussie life which we enjoyed enormously. Going for walks with little Jude, visiting Coogee and Clovelly beach and giving the famous Bondi a quick swim check. On the last weekend the Clausens treated us to a proper Aussie / South African barbecue - where double palm size steaks meet the squid and prawns and  bathe together in bbq sauce under the watchful eye of Chris, the master chef.

It was hard to say goodbye. On Tuesday morning we got a cab to Hyde Park to pick up our car to start our road trip down the Great Pacific and then Great Ocean Road. We are already missing that week in Sydney. We had great time with Thea, Chris and little Jude and we hope to see them again on the way back from New Zealand. Until then - the adventure calls:)

by Sabs & Marek