Fitness paradise / by Marek Charytonowicz

Six o'clock in the morning is quite a view in the Centennial Park in Sydney. Despite early hour, it is crowded with people doing fitness. All kinds of fitness activities. In all kinds of age.

Unlike London this is not simply several runners trying to squeeze in a jog before work. When you look around, you'll see almost never ending stream of runners - solo, in couples or in groups. Next to them on another lane - another stream of cyclists, yet again in any numerical configuration.

People in Australia love fitness. They run, they cycle, they attend park boot camps at 6am, they go to park gyms, they surf, they bodyboard and sup, they run casual half marathons. All this at age 15 or 75, with or without a child in a pram, in a group or solo.

All this makes my pull-up routine look quite pathetic and London outdoor fitness culture - a bit poor. But then - everything seems to be bigger in Australia so why not the love for sport?

by Marek