London - Singapore / by Marek Charytonowicz

We can't believe we finally made it to this day! We are leaving London for 3 months! Goodbye winter and rain and cold and rain and work and rain and hello hot tropical weather and sun sun sun!!!

After a very turbulent flight from London, feeling like we'd been on a rodeo for hours we finally landed in Singapore. The heat once we landed slapped us in the face like opening a 200 degree oven door only no baking smells inside, just pure scentless heat.

We got into a cab to our accommodation and the first thing we notice is the amount of trees and greenery around! In between the motorways, under bridges, around houses, balconies! It felt like this city was built amongst a jungle although it really has been the other way around. It's a jungle in the city. The Singaporeans ;) have really developed this city into a green urban haven! 

In the two nights and 3 days here we have been to local food markets and halls that generally smell of poached veggies and meat as the heat and humidity enhances the odour of every single type of food.

The only time we felt refreshed was when we entered cool air-conditioned malls which we soon realised was not the best thing to do. You feel even hotter once you go outside :)

We visited the botanical garden, went to the cloud and flower forests which were a highlight for all the senses, watched a night light show in the gardens which was spectacular, went on a night tour with a funny tour guide, that answered all her own rhetorical questions about the city waving a short red lightsaber-like guide torch. 

 We also visited the famous Ya Kun Kaya Toast for the proper Singaporean breakfast - two runny eggs and a small pile of coconut toasts with rocket fuel kopi - the local coffee. Yum yum yum. 

…and were totally blown away by the views from Marina Bay Sands 57th floor, also the only place we actually felt a cool breeze!:)

We loved Singapore. We didn't see it all but we know we would like to re-visit this beautiful and buzzing city gateway to Asia!

by Beanie :)