There's a void left... / by Marek Charytonowicz

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Sometimes people that you’ve never met may leave a gap in your life when you learn about their death. Various celebrities are always present in our lives and we get to like them more or less via TV, movies and books. They come and go, as human beings and rarely it leaves mark bigger than a passing notion of sadness that this person is no longer here. Sometimes you know that with their death a certain era has finished. And rarely, extremely rarely their passing leaves a void that you would expect to be left by a friend, not a stranger.

Robin Williams was one of the actors I admired and liked since I was a kid. Several of his movies were the most important films I’ve ever seen and they made a significant impact on my life - Dead Poets Society, The Awakenings just to name a few. I always knew that going to see a movies he’s in, I will again experience that amazing kindness and humanity of his acting. He wasn’t just a funny guy on the screen, he was always touching something deeper, some string that made me feel good to be a human being.

It’s incredibly sad that quite often the most gifted and sensitive people - the ones that we need the most - leave the first. I’m sad that his world was so incredibly dark in those last hours that he felt the need to make sure his life will be ended with two different methods of suicide combined. I can’t even think of what he could have possibly felt then, but certainly it was so overwhelming, it made his loving family seem small in comparison.

I hope he’s in better place now, making God laugh. 

Captain, my Captain…