With a pinch of salt. Or a kilo. / by Marek Charytonowicz

Today it’s the first time when I’m told I shouldn’t be ordering a particular kind of drink in a restaurant. The drink in question is a Salted Lemon Juice and apparently it’s a typical Vietnamese thing. I give up but as minutes pass my natural curiosity and stubbornness wins and I order it just to know why I shouldn’t.

Fifteen minutes later I have all the knowledge that I wanted and although ‘shouldn’t’ isn’t the best word, it’s unlikely anyone not brought up here will find it tasty. It does taste like lemon but obviously mixed with salty water which really you use in Poland if you’re forcing yourself to throw up. It’s an easy way of cleansing your stomach.

I bravely down half a glass and hope it will stay there mixed with Sichuan chicken and crab broth (which are very good actually).

Experience costs.