San Monorom / by Marek Charytonowicz

Smoke from the fireplaces mixes with the evening fog

As the project closes for the weekend, we’re going to San Monorom, the ‘capital’ of Mondulkiri. It means rooms without bugs, hot shower and two days to regain strength for one more week in the jungle.

The guesthouse is a massive house with mirrored windows and rich roof decoration yet the room welcomes me with bright green walls and duvets with giant Hello Kitty. Crazy but I appreciate the civilization and an opportunity to take off smelly, dirty clothes and rest a bit.

Washing done and I dry T-shirt after T-shirt on a big wall mounted fan as that’s the only way to make it dry. Humidity is omnipresent and I can only focus on protecting my camera gear, the rest will dry in its own time but photos are priceless.

Tomorrow we’re heading back to the jungle. I’m looking forward to see elephants again and there’s already a plan to trek with them and mahouts for full day which I’m looking forward to.