Phnom Penh / by Marek Charytonowicz

I’m getting more used to Phnom Penh now, more familiar with it’s dust, dirt, humidity and chaos. I don’t get lost easily anymore and have much more patience for tuk tuk and moto drivers offering a ride. And one needs a lot of it.

What is evident is the massive gap between the majority of the population living in very poor conditions, where full day of driving a tourist around the city costs $10 and a rich group that cruises the streets in massive four wheel drive Lexus, Hummer and Audi cars. Roll Royces are waiting to be sold among giant Toyotas in most of the car sale places.

It’s sad to see that and one asks the question how that works. London offers you fewer views of Lexus cars than Phnom Penh and even rural and undeveloped Mondulkiri province has forest protection police officers driving them around.

Tuk tuk is a very interesting way to see the city. You’re in the middle of the river of cars, sometimes going against the traffic yet once you get used to it, you feel safe. It makes it easy to take photos of all the unexpected and weird things on the road, overloaded motos, people carrying tens of chickens tied together yet still alive, tourists looking completely lost.

One thing that would be nice is to be able to talk to the driver - most of the ones picked on the street speak very poor English although they are nice and do try.