"My face not nice; But my heart not bad Please do not judge me by Someone Speech” / by Marek Charytonowicz

Overwhelmed is probably the word to use at the moment. It’s the mixture of humidity, randomness of the environment outside the tuk tuk and the chaos on the road.

London seems so organized and easy to drive when you’re in the middle of a race of small scooters with three or four people balancing recklessly with cargo of electric units, building materials, car batteries or simply bags of shopping.

Left or right hand drive doesn’t apply here nor is the street lights system. Everyone seems to be the most important on the road and it’s amazing to see the calm faces of the participants of this bee hive. One thing does seem to make sense - getting a large four wheel drive as those are the true bee queens here.

The streets at night fill with life even more than during the day. Street lanes full of scooters, tuk tuks and cars move quickly like a mountain river and it takes a skill to cross it, skill I don’t have yet do I stand there for minutes and minutes scared to make a move into the stream of lights.

Narrow streets are side lined with stalls selling all sort of food and cheap toys. Pavements are barricaded by tuk tuks waiting for customers so one has to walk on the street among the traffic. It’s all very intense and very different but I like this river of life and I hope within few weeks it will all be familiar and I’ll be able to see past this chaos and find bigger experiences.

In the meantime the monsoon season decides it’s time to play and lightnings strike across the night sky.