In the footsteps of Tomb Rider / by Marek Charytonowicz

I wake up half past four only to find the world around me wrapped in heavy rain. Around five, when my tuk tuk driver arrives we both decide it doesn’t make much sense to go for the sunrise as there’ll be no sun visible behind the heavy, uniform curtain of clouds. So we move the departure a couple of hour later and I spend early morning reading about the temples instead.

Angkor Watt makes an immense impression. Thanks to low season not a lot breaks the overall silence and voices of the cicadas. It’s like the time has stopped here and the grey and black stones overgrown with moss just are, suspended in passing years and centuries like meditating monks.

The scale is overwhelming as well although it’s only the temple complex, not even the nearby city. Vast areas of Angkor Wat are covered in inscriptions and reliefs of amazing detail and complexity. It’s a breathtaking view despite overwhelming heat and humidity soaking every inch of my T-shirt.

Next stop - the temple of the stone faces…