Cypress Hill & temples / by Marek Charytonowicz

Siem Reap surprisingly feels refreshing. It is a truly tourist destination but I think I needed it. Smoking another cigar and drinking this time Gentleman Jack (edition of Jack Daniels) in the rooftop bar called the X Bar that also houses 6ft half pipe for skateboarders on the roof.

Snoop Doggy Dog and Cypress Hill coming for the speakers and a night lights of Siem Reap all around. It’s low season so it’s a bit quiet and not so many tourists which is nice. Even tuk tuk drivers are not so determined to take you somewhere.

Tomorrow sunrise at Angkor Watt and following the footsteps of Lara Croft but tonight visiting local shops and most of all Artisans D’Angkor workshops and school - but that deserves a separate post. People again are very nice, I’ve met an Englishman that lived at the same street that I do in London and I’ve been invited for a free cup of Ratanakiri. coffee in one of the boutiques selling famous Kampot pepper, used in Michelin stars restaurants.

In the meantime I’m going back to get some sleep and on the way I’m offered ‘a lady’ and shortly after marijuana, opium and coke recited in one breath. After buying a Lonely Planet guide to Singapore in a local bookshop that turns to be a page by page low quality photocopy of an actual guide, the picture of Siem Reap is complete.