Let one walk alone, committing no sin, with few wishes, like elephants in the forest… / by Marek Charytonowicz

I feel excitement seeing this massive steel bird getting ready outside the airport window.

The air in London smells of coming autumn and although the day is going to be hot, there’s a nice chill promising incoming change in seasons. When I’ll be back it will be cold, windy and rainy, the way it usually is here in October. For now random stranger wishes me great time on the bus to the tub station and couple of hours later I’m checked in and surrounded by other travellers. Now I’m excited.

I like airport this time as I’m not rushing anywhere. And although there are elephants in the jungle waiting for me, this time it’s not about getting somewhere, this time is all about going. There’s nice vibe in the air and the security guy laughs when I tell him I’m from Poland as his wife is from Torun, as he describes the city of Copernicus and gingerbread. Time for an english breakfast before I try roasted tarantulas in Phnom Penh.